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Encore RC

Encore RC 400 Quad Multirotor Frame Kit


 Product Description

 Encore RC Proudly Presents the Encore RC Quad 400 Frame Base Kit!

A Bobby Watts Design





  • The Ultimate Machine to Practice and Enjoy the Art of multirotor Flight

  • Incredibly Robust and Simple Design

  • Flight Ready in Under 60 Minutes

  • Ultra Low Parts Count – Simple and Affordable to Repair


Kit Includes:


  • 400 Airframe - G10

  • Set of 4 Arms
  • All Hardware



  • Width – 405mm

  • Height – 123mm

  • Propeller Size – 8”-9"

    • Battery Size – 3-4 Cell LiPo Battery

    • 2200-2600mah Recommended

  • Flight Time – 4-5 Minutes

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  1. Awesome Quadcopter and awesome customer service!

    Posted by Charles Booker on 16th Jun 2015

    An amazing quadcopter kit. This is my first kit build as I have always previously bought RTF (Ready To Fly) and BNF (Bind and Fly) models before this. This kit goes together very easy and is simple to build. The instructions are easy to follow. And if you do get stuck there is a online build video that you can watch as you are building the kit.

    The invertix 400 flies great and is docile with the default transmitter endpoint settings from the manual. You will quickly get used to how it flies and start turning up the settings to make the rates higher. Even without a stabilization flight mode the Invertix almost hovers by itself with very little input needed to get it to hover in one spot.

    Cons: I have not found a way to program the throttle hold-throttle cut switch like you would have on a traditional collective pitch helicopter. You have to use your flight mode switch that is set to the Aux 2 channel to arm and disarm the motors. You get used to this after awhile. The invertix loves batteries and will eat through battery packs very quickly. Make sure you have multiple quality high ā€œCā€ rating packs.

  2. A few thoughts for an excellent kit

    Posted by e.j. Drown on 5th Jun 2015

    I finished building the Invertix 400 kit. You folks make a very nice kit/ model. I enjoyed it a bunch and also want to thank you for the excellent customer service. The finished Quad has been flown/ hovered 6-8" but no higher as it is still a bit drifty. Stephen B. has agreed to check it out and trim it tomorrow at the TORCHS Field.

    I do have a couple of suggestions for changes to the instructions that I believe will make life easier on the builder.
    1) Step # 8 Grommet installation should be done at step at Step #2 as the grommets are much easier to install if you can easily access both sides of the plate.
    2) Step # 10 Motor installation should be done before Step # 7 as it is much easier to handle one arm then the whole assembly.
    3) Step # 13 Zip tie installation should be done after Step # 20 Power-up case-wise some motor leads need to be swapped.

    I also have a couple of suggestions for your decals. See the attached photos.
    1) Delete the big decals that will not fit on the Invertix. Double the decals that will fit on the Invertix. This will provide a spare set case-wise something gets damaged during installation or... iffen God forbid a new canopy needs to be purchased/ configured/ installed after the first flight... or someone wants to purchase a different color canopy so he can vary the appearance for the price of one Invertix.
    2) Provide a smaller version of the Outlaw Power decal. It is really cool and will most likely be installed on the canopy by some builders.
    3) Add eyes to decal kit. The Invertix screams for eyes. Maybe a set of threatening vicious eyes and a set of friendly eyes to provide a more gentile appearance.

    I understand that existing kits may be hard to change but I thought that you might consider these thoughts before updating the stock.
    Thank you again and have a nice day.

  3. Excellent Quad

    Posted by Jason on 28th May 2015

    I own several quads. This quad has been far the best and most fun to fly. The build quality is simply amazing. The instructions are very detailed and everything comes together nicely. The spare parts bag was very handy as I lost one of the plastic nuts and was able to quickly replace it from that.
    The durability is outstanding. The quad itself can take a beating. The only thing I've had to repair is landing legs and props. Repairs were easy and only take a couple minutes.
    Customer service is outstanding. I had an issue arming the quad with a dx6i and sent and email asking how to get the quad to arm with that remote. A email was sent back with detailed instructions quickly.
    I've had nothing but pure enjoyment with this quad.

  4. Fun Machine

    Posted by Steve on 22nd Jan 2015

    This is a very fun, exciting multirotor for sure! I have not yet traveled to an open field, to practice my flips and rolls, inverted, etc. But I have flown it around in my yard. Got to remember when you get into one of those "Oh Chit" moments, NOT to pull the throttle back to zero, as it will be if full throttle DOWN! Get used to where your arming switch is. And, my Invertix likes batteries! Eats them up like candy. It will pull a fully charged, stock Phantom 2200mah battery down to 3.5 per cell, in about 1 1/2 minutes of aggressive flying. Apparently (have not measured yet) draws a bit of current, cause once the voltage alarm goes off, if you go to a hover, the battery quickly recovers, until you start "playing" again. Nice company to deal with, especially as they are in Florida, USA. They answer e-mails quickly, and are very friendly people. So far, I've only broke 2 props. BUY spares!

  5. easy build

    Posted by Larry C on 7th Sep 2014

    It assembles fast ... even though it was short one screw ... the extras package had one in it .... A+++
    It flies great .... flips fast ... so be prepared ...as I expected it to be somewhat slower .I was trying to just flip inveted and it went right on over and I was holding down collective .... good thing I was high enough to catch my mistake :)

  6. The best RC aircraft to fly

    Posted by Kasey Campbell on 11th Aug 2014

    Received my invertix for a couple months ago and I haven't messed with RC helicopter sense I got the invertix it is the best thing to fly. It is no headache and no worry and unlike a helicopter it has no tuning charge and fly you got a love it

  7. Wow Fantastic

    Posted by John Maestas on 19th Jul 2014

    I was flipping it on the maiden with not much Heli experience I'm mostly an airplane guy this is a very well planed out quad copter it need very little trim and was rock solid and a fun build it was truly a hit at the flying field this quad will sell it self Thanks

  8. Outstanding design. Very easy build great flyer

    Posted by Carl Morel on 29th Jun 2014

    I fly goblins and logo's a bunch and I have a much higher pucker factor with those when learning something new. This invertix is going to help me progress with my 3d skills. On my second flight I was comfortable flying inverted circles. This quad is solid I am ordering a second one for my son. Thank you Bobby Watts

  9. Wow! Easy model to build and fly!

    Posted by Kevin Cordell on 24th Jun 2014

    Very quick build time, less than 2 hours bench to air. Simply radio program to get it airborne with all the flight conditions you need. Can be a little touchy, can't horse it around thru 3D maneauvers like with your RC heli. Takes about 2 flights to really get used to how it reacts from upright to inverted and back. Bobby has done it again with this model!!

  10. Asembly

    Posted by Bill Curtis on 23rd Jun 2014

    I havent yet had a chance to fly the machine but i would like to state that the instructions are second to none, when i opened the box i thought "oh my god this is going to take forever......until I look at the instructions, GREAT WORK!

    Will probably test fly on the weekend if the bad weather goes

    Bill Curtis

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